The company's management has established the following statement as the Quality Policy applicable to the mentioned activities:

Design and Manufacturing Technologies S.L. is a company dedicated to Machining parts according to drawings, 3D printing of parts, and measuring external parts.

From the strict compliance with the legal regulations applicable to all the company's activities, the Management of Design and Manufacturing Technologies S.L. considers and declares the following as strategic objectives of its management:

  • Priority to achieve customer satisfaction through strict compliance with contracted requirements.
  • Having the necessary technical means to carry out the assigned work with the highest quality.
  • Training employees to meet quality requirements.
  • Using identified failures to eliminate their causes.
  • Implementing a continuous improvement strategy in the company.
  • Ensuring the safety of the manufactured product.
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

The total involvement of all personnel in these objectives will lead to the implementation of a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN 9100 standard. To achieve these objectives, the Management of Design and Manufacturing Technologies S.L. commits to the development and implementation of a Quality Policy comprising the following points:

  • Establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient Quality Management System, planned and developed in conjunction with the rest of the Management functions.
  • Ensuring that all technical and production personnel are fully familiar with the company's Objectives and Policy.
  • Total commitment from Management to provide the necessary means to make it possible for the Quality Policy to become something practical, everyday, and enjoyable that allows us to improve in a simple and permanent way in our daily activities.
  • Meeting the expectations of all interested parties.
  • Implementation of suitable indicators that allow monitoring of improvement, as well as the establishment of annual objectives to achieve the development of the Quality Management System aimed towards Total Quality.